the 7 Keys to the Kingdom- Misunderstood Writing Advice

To get to the Kingdom, you need these seven basic tools

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Writer’s Cafe 12019/04/12

When you collect things that are said and then turn those things into a narrative you get the garbage you are about to read with pride.

Writer’s Cafe 12019/03/29

There's a place where the real writers hang out to talk about the things they've done. I take those things and turn them into this for fun. It's not meant to be good- but if you tell me it's bad, I'll slit the throat of a bag of noodles and eat them cause I'm sad. … Continue reading Writer’s Cafe 12019/03/29

Writer’s Cafe 12019/03/22

Look we meet and discuss lines- we also discuss other things. Sometimes those things can be molded into a story..

Writer’s Cafe 12019/03/08

Here at the writer's cafe we talk about some interesting things. When you put those things together you find something you're ashamed of. Let's be ashamed of things together.

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