I’m Back, Baby!

Many of you might be regular readers of my stories. To you I must apologize, as you haven't heard from me in over a month. This was not something I ever intended to happen. You see, I've gone back to school in a strange last-minute decision. I got caught up in the student fever, looking for … Continue reading I’m Back, Baby!

Misunderstood Writing Advice- Show Don’t Tell

  https://youtu.be/dz_yR4xflmY Rather watch a video? This blog has one! Every video contains information not found in the blog post and vice versa, so give it a look if you're interested! One of my favorite pieces of advice for writers is to show, not tell. It’s not my favorite because I find it to be … Continue reading Misunderstood Writing Advice- Show Don’t Tell

Amr Nasser the Explorer of Ideas (Featured Writer (12019/01/10)

My featured writers have brought us around the world, from Kenya to Japan/France, Alaska to Australia, and mostly around our back door. I ask yet again that you take in the words of someone across the globe from most of you, my readers. This week, I'd like you to look at Amr Nasser from Egypt. He … Continue reading Amr Nasser the Explorer of Ideas (Featured Writer (12019/01/10)

Memories of a River

She ran her fingers along the walls. How many times had she felt those tiles? How many times had she smiled and cried while walking through these very halls? And yet, of all the things that have changed, so much remained the same. There was the room where she took Biology next to Ken Burlow, … Continue reading Memories of a River