To Progress

What is the cost of progress?

Twenty Eighty-Six

Death had always scared him. It was not that we don't know what lies beyond the grave. No, he had a worse hypothesis to rest on. It came from his earliest years- the death of a close family member had been the greatest lesson in humility. But what it brought was only more questions. If … Continue reading Twenty Eighty-Six

Jumping the Gun

"Look, I get it- Life is to be cherished and health is a privilege. But if I sneeze again I'm going to murder an Amish family." Tom Spit out his mouth as he spoke through a clogged nose before flailing and sneezing again. "Well that settles it then Tom, I'll go get the axe, or … Continue reading Jumping the Gun

The Life of Paul

Paul flicked his thumb and scrolled down the page without paying much attention to its contents. Somehow his brain continued to pressure him to look at this website, even though he didn't care at all about who liked what and how wonderful everyone else's lives were. He was Paul, this was his life damnit- all of this … Continue reading The Life of Paul

Memories of a River

She ran her fingers along the walls. How many times had she felt those tiles? How many times had she smiled and cried while walking through these very halls? And yet, of all the things that have changed, so much remained the same. There was the room where she took Biology next to Ken Burlow, … Continue reading Memories of a River