The Viewing Dock

The body floated in the viewing dock. Death is a fate we accepted when we chose to go to Mars. But in one century of space travel, this was the first time. The smell of putrid rot and sweat challenged Lieutenant Murphy's ability to hold in his dinner. The first to die in space. There … Continue reading The Viewing Dock

Transport (The Call part 3)

This is part 3 in an on going series; for part 2 click here, for part 1 click here "Dr. Lesedi Morulaganyi, "Attatched you will find a plane ticket and hotel reservations. We look forward to seeing your work. "Mpendulo "12/28/58" Lesedi sat back in her chair at the Molepolole Solar Farm. Despite her PhD, … Continue reading Transport (The Call part 3)

Twenty Eighty- Eight

"I can't believe it! Seventy years and coloring books have stayed just the same." The old woman stood and remembered how she had loved coloring books all her life. She remembered how adult coloring books became a trend at the start of the millennium. They had changed quite a bit actually, she noticed, one could … Continue reading Twenty Eighty- Eight

The Sphere

"Initiating diving sequence. You ready Jim?" "Good to go." "Okay, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1- Cable release, you are cleared." Just like that Jim was off. He felt like he should say something important. He was the first person ever to do this after all, but in the end he said, "So far everything's green; … Continue reading The Sphere

The Problem (The Call part 2)

This is part two in a series, for part 1 click here Mpendulo had heard the recordings thousands of times since that lecture. Despite his efforts, despite everyone's efforts, the languages were indecipherable. With no visual to the audio the voices gave them no way of understanding what the words meant. Mpendulo did not let … Continue reading The Problem (The Call part 2)

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