One Hundred Followers, a New Logo, and Everything- all at Once

Words cannot explain how dumbfounded I was when I saw this in my notifications. While I can relish the thought of ABKstories being seen nearly 5,000 times, nothing compares to the number of times those people stayed around for more. The value of followers transcends the value of those who see and leave. You followers … Continue reading One Hundred Followers, a New Logo, and Everything- all at Once

Ivan’s Decision

Life is beautiful- but not all of us see it that way.

The High Peaks on Proxima

Proxima B is about 4 light-years away, but that's a step humans took in the past in this story.

Trimming the Bonsai

"Why do you cut the leaves like that," her daughter asked, " Doesn't that hurt the tree?" Bethanie smiled down at her, "Nah, it's like clipping your fingernails, love. The tree feels nothing. I cut them because they aren't healthy- they'll only make life harder for the plant." "So if you don't cut them it'll … Continue reading Trimming the Bonsai

Twenty Eighty-Six

Death had always scared him. It was not that we don't know what lies beyond the grave. No, he had a worse hypothesis to rest on. It came from his earliest years- the death of a close family member had been the greatest lesson in humility. But what it brought was only more questions. If … Continue reading Twenty Eighty-Six

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