Trimming the Bonsai

"Why do you cut the leaves like that," her daughter asked, " Doesn't that hurt the tree?" Bethanie smiled down at her, "Nah, it's like clipping your fingernails, love. The tree feels nothing. I cut them because they aren't healthy- they'll only make life harder for the plant." "So if you don't cut them it'll … Continue reading Trimming the Bonsai

Moose and Bear: Spiber

______ Look, some people are afraid of spiders, and that's okay. But a phobia is not exactly the best thing to have when lives are at stake. Poor spiders don't live too long in some houses. -ABK 12019/02/24 Cute Spider Image Credit Here! Like Moose and Bear? Become an email follower for more content!

The Viewing Dock

The body floated in the viewing dock. Death is a fate we accepted when we chose to go to Mars. But in one century of space travel, this was the first time. The smell of putrid rot and sweat challenged Lieutenant Murphy's ability to hold in his dinner. The first to die in space. There … Continue reading The Viewing Dock