To Progress

What is the cost of progress?

Twenty Eighty-Six

Death had always scared him. It was not that we don't know what lies beyond the grave. No, he had a worse hypothesis to rest on. It came from his earliest years- the death of a close family member had been the greatest lesson in humility. But what it brought was only more questions. If … Continue reading Twenty Eighty-Six

Rich Boy Toys

"Why do I have to do this- there's machines that can do this for us!" "Yep, thems is rich boy toys, son. Now shovel it like I told ya." Bobby Pushed the shovel into the feed and scattered it in front of the cattle. He was pissed beyond his own comprehension- to the point of … Continue reading Rich Boy Toys

The Answer (The Call- Part 5)

This is part 5 of an ongoing series, for part 4 click here, for part 1 click here. Mpendulo Shattered his phone against the table. "Those Bastards!" He called a meeting. He howled, they howled; they got nowhere until one man spoke up- An American, but he spoke to them of hope. "You have half … Continue reading The Answer (The Call- Part 5)

Twenty Twenty- Seven

A triumph in life, he thought, is the gift we have as gods: to use our hearts and create life where there was none before. He thought about how her footsteps sounded on the grass. He thought about how the wind rustled the leaves. He looked up at the clouds; the heat of her little … Continue reading Twenty Twenty- Seven