Jack Loves Billie Eilish- Trying to Focus 2

There are some things that shouldn't be said. We've tried to say them all in episode 2 of Trying to Focus.

Inquisitions and Clown Love

In this Episode we discover Aubrey's early works, how stutters don't have to keep you from love, joke concepts, and poetry.

Writer’s Cafe 12019/03/22

Look we meet and discuss lines- we also discuss other things. Sometimes those things can be molded into a story..

Push Me to the Edge

I'm not the first person to put these words in this order so: https://youtu.be/-D2U8jBkrXc That counts Lil Uzi Vert, right? It's not like I'm making it into a t-shirt.Oh, but if I can- lemmie know.Keep living, my friends. -ABK No but seriously I have no writes to any of this but the grandma with the … Continue reading Push Me to the Edge

Moose and Bear: Spiber

______ Look, some people are afraid of spiders, and that's okay. But a phobia is not exactly the best thing to have when lives are at stake. Poor spiders don't live too long in some houses. -ABK 12019/02/24 Cute Spider Image Credit Here! Like Moose and Bear? Become an email follower for more content!