Reflections of 1208

Family members pass on with time- but you never know what you'll find when they're gone.

The Gnome’s Escape

Gnomes and goblins, socks and underwear- this is the world we humans don't see. the Gnome's Escape is a fantasy flash fiction story about a gnome on the run.

Writer’s Cafe 12019/03/22

Look we meet and discuss lines- we also discuss other things. Sometimes those things can be molded into a story..

Michael E. Gonzales (Featured Writer 12018/11/8)

Michael E. Gonzales describes himself as a fictionist. He served in the US army for twenty years and now works as a museum curator. He writes a scifi that blends fantastical scenarios into the genre. This results in beautiful writing full of what if's and wow I can't believe he did that's. His science fiction brought … Continue reading Michael E. Gonzales (Featured Writer 12018/11/8)