Push Me to the Edge

I'm not the first person to put these words in this order so: https://youtu.be/-D2U8jBkrXc That counts Lil Uzi Vert, right? It's not like I'm making it into a t-shirt.Oh, but if I can- lemmie know.Keep living, my friends. -ABK No but seriously I have no writes to any of this but the grandma with the … Continue reading Push Me to the Edge

Moose and Bear: Spiber

______ Look, some people are afraid of spiders, and that's okay. But a phobia is not exactly the best thing to have when lives are at stake. Poor spiders don't live too long in some houses. -ABK 12019/02/24 Cute Spider Image Credit Here! Like Moose and Bear? Become an email follower for more content!

Just a little early- Moose and Bear

  ____ Honestly this is a conversation we've had this month... 12019/01/14 -ABK