When Chuck Comes- Promptcast Stories

Alexander's story from the Alien Nature Preserve Prompt from the Scifi Promptcast episode 1

The High Peaks on Proxima

Proxima B is about 4 light-years away, but that's a step humans took in the past in this story.


Shrouded in mystery, an alien species has kept a trade agreement with humans for decades. Jack is one of their delivery pilots making his rounds.

Rachel and the Grinzwans

Rachel held back the taste of bile for as long as she could. Each time she swallowed she felt a heaving build up inside her that she beat back with every force available to her. Think of the smell, she told herself, the smell hit her again and she bent and hurled her lunch out … Continue reading Rachel and the Grinzwans

Michael E. Gonzales (Featured Writer 12018/11/8)

Michael E. Gonzales describes himself as a fictionist. He served in the US army for twenty years and now works as a museum curator. He writes a scifi that blends fantastical scenarios into the genre. This results in beautiful writing full of what if's and wow I can't believe he did that's. His science fiction brought … Continue reading Michael E. Gonzales (Featured Writer 12018/11/8)

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