Beth and Garret- Scifi Promptcast Story

Creature comforts aren't always so comfortable.

Writing Every Day- Misunderstood Writing Advice

In today's post we discuss the age-old advice that if you want to be a writer you should commit to doing it like you would a day job. Enjoy!

Jack Loves Billie Eilish- Trying to Focus 2

There are some things that shouldn't be said. We've tried to say them all in episode 2 of Trying to Focus.

The Corner

In the Corner, a little girl finds eyes on her every move.


"I don't see what's so great about it, they're just trees." Tim was losing the man. This man thought in capital gains and simple products. No imagination. "I must not have explained it well enough." Tim put his hand on one of the leaves, "Do you see this leaf? This leaf is a revolution in … Continue reading Photosynthesis

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