Short Stories

The High Peaks on Proxima

Proxima B is about 4 light-years away, but that's a step humans took in the past in this story.

Inquisitions and Clown Love

In this Episode we discover Aubrey's early works, how stutters don't have to keep you from love, joke concepts, and poetry.

Reflections of 1208

Family members pass on with time- but you never know what you'll find when they're gone.

The Importance of Doing- Misunderstood Writing Advice

For writers there is a constant pressure to promote. We’ve become a sea of “look at me!” people drowned out by the screams of the writers tweeting beside us.

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Writer’s Cafe 12019/04/12

When you collect things that are said and then turn those things into a narrative you get the garbage you are about to read with pride.

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