Short Stories

An Antidote to Loneliness This blog comes with an accompanying video, so you have a choice of your preferred medium! I was sitting in my mother’s living room the other day, watching the snow fall outside the window and accumulate into a serene peaceful winter quiet. All this while the piano played on my chromebook and the fire … Continue reading An Antidote to Loneliness

Kira, Jack of Writing Trades (Featured Writer- 12018/11/29)

Kira is a teacher, freelance translator/editor, and a writer. She blogs about mental health, travel, video games, hilarious teaching situations, and writes short stories and flash fiction.  Kira is the type of person who's name everyone should know. While she fashions herself as a Jack of Writing Trades, the best description is a modern day … Continue reading Kira, Jack of Writing Trades (Featured Writer- 12018/11/29)

The Old Farmhouse

He stepped out and off the porch. His feet gave a familiar crunch in the snow that broke the silence of the night. He let out a breath and marveled at the water vapor. Tough times as always. He crunched his way over to the car, which unlocked and started as he reached for the … Continue reading The Old Farmhouse

Twenty Thirty- Nine

"This is so weird." "Yeah, but she'll get used to it." He smiled at his wife as the car drove through the campus entrance. Neither of them were sure that this was the right thing- though their daughter's education was free thanks to the wonders of good politics. He remembered struggling to make loan payments, … Continue reading Twenty Thirty- Nine

Lizzie Newell the World Builder (Featured Writer 12018/11/23)

I want to extend my thanks to Lizzie Newell, the Sci-fi Writer from Alaska who literally builds worlds and designs sea fairing vessels. I have wanted to thank her for a while now, as she is in large part the reason I am able to post to Facebook today. You see, sometime in October, somebody … Continue reading Lizzie Newell the World Builder (Featured Writer 12018/11/23)

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