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Jack Loves Billie Eilish- Trying to Focus 2

Jack Loves Billie Eilish- Trying to Focus 2
Trying to Focus

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Warning: this show was recorded in front of a small live audience and a group of adorable cats. It contains offensive content intended to be funny and does not reflect on the actual beliefs of the speakers. Children, we advise you not to allow your parents to listen to this podcast.

Find out why Jack White loves Billie Eilish, what happens when Alexander is drinking, and more than you needed to hear a group of (mostly gay) white men say about female orgasms in this episode of Trying to Focus! And about the whole Aubrey’s YouTube thing…. You don’t want to look at that, trust me.

Cast members:

Jack White, Aubrey, Dylan Martinsen


Jeff Armpriester


Alexander Bjørn

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Intro and outro is Exhale from the Youtube Music Library.

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