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Sharing stories is my passion. Let me share yours! All I need is for you to fill out the form below. Lastly, I’d like you to tell me about you and your work. Think about what inspires you, what is it that makes you stand out the most. I will contact you and ask for photos and links to your books- then I will smoosh it all together into a Thursday post!

All featured writers must understand that there are no hidden fees for a feature- though I ask you to be patient as I deal with the flow of requests. I do not make commission from these features as I only use the links I am given to create the posts. I do record myself reading all or part of the work and ask that chosen works for submission be no longer than 3,000 words. If it is a book feature I will personally purchase your book and read most or all of it before featuring- however know that these features take longer to produce.
For your feature to be successful I suggest you share it on social media and on your own website- the most successful of these posts I’ve seen is among those writers who have their own website, but it is not necessary. I periodically share these features on Sundays on Social media at random. I also update them when provided with extra material.