One Hundred Followers, a New Logo, and Everything- all at Once

Words cannot explain how dumbfounded I was when I saw this in my notifications. While I can relish the thought of ABKstories being seen nearly 5,000 times, nothing compares to the number of times those people stayed around for more. The value of followers transcends the value of those who see and leave. You followers … Continue reading One Hundred Followers, a New Logo, and Everything- all at Once

Arrival (The Call Part 7)

This is part seven in an ongoing series. For part one click here!  In the silence of space it approached the third planet. The dominant native intelligence had at this point infested three worlds within the system, but only inhabited one. They had all but destroyed their own ecosystem, all but ensured their own destruction … Continue reading Arrival (The Call Part 7)

The wait (The Call Part 6)

This is part 6 of an ongoing series- for part 1 click here, for part 5 click here. "Oh Piss off," the boy said, "That's an old lie my grandma always tells- there's no such things as aliens! Stop scaring people!" "No but it's true! This Morbluganee person said Hello in African and then they … Continue reading The wait (The Call Part 6)

The Answer (The Call- Part 5)

This is part 5 of an ongoing series, for part 4 click here, for part 1 click here. Mpendulo Shattered his phone against the table. "Those Bastards!" He called a meeting. He howled, they howled; they got nowhere until one man spoke up- An American, but he spoke to them of hope. "You have half … Continue reading The Answer (The Call- Part 5)

Asylum (The Call- Part 4)

This is part 4 of a series. For part 3 click here, for part 1, click here. Lost but definitely want to read The Call? Click here Lesedi Spoke no Chinese. Botswana in its defiance favored English as the global tongue though the rest of the world reserved to learn both. By 2058 linguists had … Continue reading Asylum (The Call- Part 4)

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