Twenty Thirty-Two

The girl sat at the window leaning on her hand. "I hate the rain", she said. Her father looked up from his book, "And why is that, kitten?" "Cause I can't go outside and play. And it looks like the sky is crying- as if everything is supposed to be sad." "I see." The man … Continue reading Twenty Thirty-Two

Twenty Twenty- Seven

A triumph in life, he thought, is the gift we have as gods: to use our hearts and create life where there was none before. He thought about how her footsteps sounded on the grass. He thought about how the wind rustled the leaves. He looked up at the clouds; the heat of her little … Continue reading Twenty Twenty- Seven

Twenty Eighty- Eight

"I can't believe it! Seventy years and coloring books have stayed just the same." The old woman stood and remembered how she had loved coloring books all her life. She remembered how adult coloring books became a trend at the start of the millennium. They had changed quite a bit actually, she noticed, one could … Continue reading Twenty Eighty- Eight

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