What happened back in 1208

"Well I've learned to stop time traveling today." Said the time traveler. "Oh? What happened?" Asked his friend. "Well it all started when I went back to 1208..." "Oh...?" "I went there to take in the beauty of it all- the quiet pastures, the glistening night skies; you'd be amazed at how many stars there … Continue reading What happened back in 1208

Stampede on Taphao Kae

He ran like hell. With their speed he knew there was little chance to make it. It didn't matter to them that had they been the prey his sweat glans would allow him to chase them to exhaustion. They couldn't know such things. Earth was light years away, humans didn't evolve here. All that mattered to … Continue reading Stampede on Taphao Kae

The Voices (The Call Part 1)

"No, it can't be..." "What is it?" "I.. I don't know." Schuster and Moreau, first contact 2058/7/3 "My name is Wilhelm Schuster, particle physicist at CERN. I am writing you today because we have stumbled upon something I'll admit has given us a bit of anxiety. "First of all I should inform you that we … Continue reading The Voices (The Call Part 1)

What Lies in the Golden Forest

I've lived in this town my whole life; most of the time that's fine by me. But in the late October air a painful lust used to pass over me. I would dream of places I've never been. I took this as a sign, and every year in the frigid air I sought adventure. So … Continue reading What Lies in the Golden Forest

Big Tom’s Alien Stop-N-Go

It flashed through the sky and then was gone. There was no doubt, she was absolutely certain she had seen a UFO. She even suspected that the aliens were here to make contact. Maybe they would choose her, maybe she would get to see their ship and become the first diplomat between humanity and the … Continue reading Big Tom’s Alien Stop-N-Go

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