Hi there!

My name is Alexander

This is my face when I have stubble!
This is my writing buddy!

I am a storyteller.

I am a YouTuber.

I am also a moderately okay person.

I have devoted my life to telling and sharing stories. I hope to help creative people overcome their fears and share their experiences.

If you are here that may mean you love stories. If that’s so click here. Every week I feature a writer. If you want to see a featured writer click here. Looking for writing tips and inspiration? Click here.

My mission is to help others, to learn about the world, and to work towards a better future for all of us. But I cannot do it alone.

So if you’re reading this…

…help me use stories to make the world a better place.

Whatever you find in this website that’s worth the merit, please share it.

Live well. Keep reading. And keep writing, my friends.