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The Shining and more- What I’m Reading This Week

If you remember I used to have a page called What I’m Reading Today.

This page was great but it didn’t allow a lot of traffic and it didn’t leave room for interaction. I also only updated it as frequently as I eat poutine.

So I’ll have things this way from now on. This will be an informal hopefully weekly post about what I’m reading and will be coupled with a video review of what I’ve finished.

This week, no video, but hey these kinds of things are fun.

Here you’ll find a list of the books I am currently reading. As you can see I read a large selection of books at the same time, and so some books that should take half a day take a month, while others that normally take a month to read end up gobbled up in a week. Each image and book title is a link for your convenience, but you can usually find all of these books at your local bookstore!


Here you will find whatever novel(s) I’m reading when I have the chance.

Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation was great, so great that I jumped straight into Authority and decided to make a Reviewniverse post for the whole Southern Reach trilogy all at once. I can’t recommend these books enough right now. According to Wikipedia Stephen King called the series “Creepy and fascinating”, while Annihilation won the Nebula and Shirley Jackson awards for best novel. I can’t wait to finish reading them!

I’ve finally picked this up and I have to say, boy is this well done. King has the ability to make his reader uncomfortable throughout the reading experience, all while using his skills as a serial writer to push us to turn pages. I’ve managed to get 200 pages in after only a few sit-downs with this one and I can already say it truly is far better than the movies.

Audio Books

Here you will find the book I am reading while doing the dishes, travelling, or even exercising. I try to pick very long reads for audiobooks so that I can take a whole month to read them

So, this isn’t a book, it’s a lecture series. That said it has already taught me so much about how negotiations work and how fluid communication can be. As the creator of Becoming Likable, it should be obvious that this is the kind of thing I obsess over on a daily basis. How do businesses convince us to buy, how do we convince hostile people to back down, or rally our allies?

These are the things I think about endlessly, and I have to say this course delivers.


Here you will find the book I pick up before I enter my dreams. It’s not that I think these books are boring, just that I think learning just a bit more before bedtime is far better than staring at my phone till three in the morning.

I have a fondness for humanity. It’s not that we’re the best creatures (in fact we’re frequently pretty crappy), but more that we’re the only ones like us. Stephen Pinker has a mind that I was introduced to in 12016, during a class on Japanese linguistics. I was not a fan of him then, mostly because I didn’t pay attention to the gravity of his implications on linguistic thought.

Needless to say I have sincerely grown from those days. Stephen Pinker’s How the Mind Works is an entertaining read so far, and has broadened my interests into the human mind, something so far wholly unique in its ubiquitousness upon our globe. I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling out of sorts about the human condition, to anyone worried that one day Artificial Intelligence will destroy the world, or to anyone interested in psychology.


Writing requires study- you will never be a writer if you do not write, yes, but you’ll never be a good writer if you do not take the time to learn from others who write. In this section you’ll find either short story books or writing education books. No matter how good you think you are at writing, you will always have something to improve upon. Be humble, try new things.

Lately I’ve been tearing apart the stories in Gardner Dozois’s 2017 Year’s Best Science Fiction. I read about one story from here a week or so. They’re all page turners, and I can think of a couple that had me put the book down and stare at a wall for the rest of the day. This kind of reading is absolutely essential to writers of science fiction who want to learn what works in short stories and what doesn’t. If you write, I suggest you give this or books like it a good perusing every once in a while.

Have a book you think I should read? LET ME KNOW!!!

Keep reading, my friends!

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Well, I must admit that your tastes are much different than mine. I tend to read Young Adult more often than not. I’m trying out thrillers and mysteries this year, but I haven’t found a book that caught my eye yet. I WILL be buying a Stephen King book though…hopefully. I’ve read Six of Crows, which has introduced me to intriguing characters. I’ve read the trilogy of Caraval, which has entirely too much magic and trickery-making it an awesome read. Lastly, it seems my bookshelf is full of Cassandra Clare’s and Sarah J. Maas’s book. Do you think The Shining is a good introduction to Stephen King’s books?

Btw I loved what you did to the website =3

And also, thanks a lot for the feedback on the story! Sorry that I haven’t been able to comment earlier and the fact that I’m a week late ‘-‘

Hey life gets in the way of life all the time! I’m just happy to hear from you and to learn the titles of all these books!

As far as the Shining goes, it’s a good introduction to Stephen King, as it’s one of his more famous works and unarguably one of the most well-written. That said all of his books are unsettling and I recommend them only to people who like horror or who are interested in studying his practiced art form. It and Salem’s Lot are some of his best books to start with in my opinion.

I’ve literally never heard of any of the books you’ve mentioned except for Six of Crows, which Moose’s father gave to me as a gift. I’ll be reading it one of these days!

Thanks for the feedback too! I’m glad you like the new layout, I was hoping it would be more appealing to viewers!

Keep writing, dear friend. I wish you all the best.

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