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Hey all, as you may know I have been spending the last few weeks on creating the Scifi & Fantasy Promptcasts here on ABKstories. Over these past few weeks I’ve changed a lot about how this website works and what my goals are for the site.

While it is still too early to determine if the promptcasts and the weekly submission video reading will be a success, I have a feeling that it will bring some kind of good to you and those who actively participate.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful group of regular viewers who have taken the time to work on the prompts and give extremely helpful feedback as to the nature of the site and ABKstories as a whole.

One of those is Goshawk, who has written wonderful stories over the past two weeks in reference to the Fantasy Prompts. I cannot thank him enough for allowing me to read his stories out loud in a video, and I hope that soon more writers will be interested in what we’ve been doing. Below is yesterday’s Friday video which covers his great work.

Over the next week or so, I will be working on some design changes for ABKstories, and I have some ideas for increasing the audience so that the site can become a safe place for people to discuss writing, to actually do some writing, and give valuable feedback to one another. Those are my hopes for ABKstories and I look forward to what you all think.

You can find Frank’s excellent blog here:

Goshawk’s Story “An Audience with the Permanent”: https://pagesfromanotherplace.wordpre…



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I’m at a loss for words (a problematic position for a writer, but there you go…)
First off, thank you so much for taking the time to read, narrate and review my story…it means a lot to me.
Second: I’ve filled three post-its (my favourite method of note-keeping) with things I want to say about the video. So as to not post a novel in your comments, I’m working on a blog post which I will probably put up tomorrow. There, questions will be answered and much thanks will be given.
I admire what you do and the effort you put into promoting writing; it is fantastic and without it, stories like “An audience with the Permanent” wouldn’t happen.
So until I post on the blog, thank you again and have a wonderful monday!

Love this comment, I look forward to reading your post and getting those answers!

Without stories like “An Audience with the Permanent” the Promptcast Series wouldn’t happen! So thank you, dear friend and please- keep writing!!!

The post should be up today (lateness plagues us all…)
I’m looking forward to this week’s Promptcast (I’m planning on working on it tomorrow!)
Have a nice day and may a thousand worlds flow through your pen 😉

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