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Asa- Fantasy Promptcast story

This story comes from the Golden Tattoo Prompt. If you’re interested in joining the Fantasy Promptcasts watch the video below, if you’re just here for the stories, read to your heart’s content!

Asa swung as hard as she could, her machete smashed into the man’s side and moved through butter until it hit bone. The man screamed as she heaved to pull the blade out. The other man swiped toward her with his cutlass, she ducked and abandoned her weapon, hearing the guttural sounds of her second attacker’s blade finishing off her first.

He cursed, and with a slush wrenched his blade out from the man’s throat and spun round for her. She was crawling away and got to her feet. She ran as fast as she could, and in her path bolted past more Frenchmen who must have heard the commotion.

Behind her the man screamed, “La fille tatouée! Arrêter la fille tatouée!” She pushed her bare feet off the ground and leaped while the Frenchmen scrambled for their weapons.

“Arrêtez! Arrêtez!”

The men in blue seemed to appear everywhere as Asa dodged her way through the streets. She slipped and scraped her ankle on a rock. “Kaka!” She cursed and kept on running.

They followed her until she made it to the cliff, just outside of their encampment.

As they crowded around her, one of the Blue suits yelled “Vous n’avez nulle part où aller maintenant!”

But Asa only wept for these poor men. They didn’t know, they didn’t understand how much danger they were in. One pulled out his flintlock, it was the man from before- the one who sat by and cheered until she forced her machete into his friend.

She wept, and apologized to those souls who came only to do their jobs. She wept as her arms began to glow, and the shine took hold of her full being. And then, she no longer wept as the flowers that twisted in golden vines around her body lifted her arms, and when she forced them out in front of her the light that exploded forth left a hole in the earth that could never be replaced.

When the people who shielded their eyes from the light came to look again at that cliff, they saw no sign of Asa, no sign of the Frenchmen, yet they took up the frenchmen’s arms- and moved to take back what had been stolen from them.



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Interesting prompt and story!
I liked the mysterious motivations behind Asa’s fighting/running and I would definitely like to know more. The timeframe is cool too: I’m guessing French or American revolution?
In general a nice bit of flash fiction, with suspense and a really nice hook to it.
There were a few typos (slush instead of slash, but that may be the PC autocorrecting) and there where a few punctuation choices that I don’t entirely agree with, but other than that, top notch!

Ooo I should give it a reread and fix those typos!!

Thanks for the encouragement. I liked this story, but I felt it could be longer. Who knows, maybe one day it will be.

Thank you for your encouragement! I loved this week’s promptcast; I had fun thinking up a story for it.
It is my experience that stories start small and then grow as we re-read them…looking forward to Asa’s further adventures!

Thank you so much for doing them! I felt what you did with the Golden Tattoo prompt is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping someone would do with it. I remember thinking this is a silly prompt and yet I found it was surprisingly versatile as a concept.

We’ll see!

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