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On Being- Tuesday Thoughts

Oh what I would give to be the kind of man who throws himself at a task and stops at nothing until he has met his goals.

What I would give to stand up each day and ignore the distractions that I subscribe to, the torturous boredom of a thousand creative minds injected into a medium of waste and mediocrity. Yet I fall into those ranks, and consume the inedible.

If I could be that man, that man who does, my world would have changed so much already.

But I am not that man.

Not yet.

But I will be.



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I so totally get this!
I often feel I don’t do enough either, and that I’m easily distracted…
Funny thing though; I recently started listening to those around me and less to my inner critic. I found that I was actually a whole lot less lazy than I thought I was.
Maybe you are a little hard on yourself 😉

I guess we’re all easily distracted, it’s hard to stay on track in the modern world. I can only wonder what life will be like in 50 years. Maybe we’ll have found the cure to distraction? I would gladly inject it into my life.

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