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All Part of a Complete Breakfast- Promptcast Story

This story follows the Teleportation Prompt from the scifi promptcast. You can watch the video below, and if you do the prompt or write a story, share it and you could be in the Friday video!!

Jack tapped away at his keyboard as the simulation worked its magic. There was no reason for it, the keyboard was unplugged, but his blood pumped energy that only his fingers could release.

The screen showed his Jackscreen zapping the lump, and then zapping the next location, replacing the lump on the other side, with heat as a byproduct. It worked, he couldn’t believe it actually worked! According to his simulation the temperature of the lump would be 35 during the transfer, and the base would come to about 176.

It would work.

He went over to the Jackscreen. There he removed the wrapper and placed the lump. Then, stepped over to his table where the receiver was. He pressed the button. A high pitched screech filled the room and then zap! He removed his hands from his eyes and looked down.

He reached out carefully, and scooped up the receiver with a spatula. He placed it on a plate, and satisfied, ate his toast with a glass of orange juice.


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