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Yeah the Friday video was late again since cause- well Friday just didn’t work out. Also Thumbnails are for better YouTubers than me.

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I was musing about giving you some feedback about the feedback you are providing writers in the video. I noticed that during your video you often offer “disclaimers” before AND after you provide feedback, usually excusing yourself for what you are about to say…but then again, you do want to say what you’re saying (or so it sounds to me). Suggestion: Yes of course, writers are touchy-feely and paying attention to their sensitivities I suppose makes sense (even though I am that kind of person who just likes feedback for what it is, without it being sandwhiched in two slices of useless fluff), that said, I think you could spare yourself a few of the disclaimers (concrete example: “some people like it, some people don’t, I personally do it this way, but it doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong it’s just how I do it, and I noticed that XXXXX”), and trade them out for one more simple disclaimer at the beginning of your video (e.g. keep in mind that all of my feedback is just based on my experience and in no way am I telling you you are doing something right or wrong, I just hope to help anyone and I hope what I can offer is useful – moving onward…), or fewer disclaimers throughout. I hope this helps. Know that my feedback comes from a place of love for improvement and cleanliness in communication. Just to add a compliment to my feedback, I enjoyed your voice ^^.

What a wonderfully detailed and highly helpful comment!

I think I’ll try as you suggest, as I do often go overboard with those statements and it is getting redundant.

Thanks for enjoying the videos and I have to say AnonymousGoldfish is an awesome tagname!

Thanks again for watching and commenting- it feeds my soul bellies.

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