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On Balance- Tuesday Thoughts

In Taoism there is the yin and the yang. One represents masculine whatevers, and the other represents feminine whatevers. The symbol stands for balance, and apparently that’s why it looks like two finless tadpoles with eyes and inverted colors.

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This is the way of things- that is- balance is a necessary component to a fulfilling and enjoyable life. And while I don’t think that’s an opinion- I’m sure it looks like one.

I think it’s best to admit that our lives are on a whole genuinely meaningless. The pointlessness of your exceptionally rare existence is overshadowed by your mind’s self-serving need to feel purpose and some form of contingency (on something) in its creation and existence other than “evolution made sex feel good, so my parents gave it a go and created a being in 50% their images.”

But- there really isn’t a greater meaning in life that we don’t just make up. Seriously. And that’s okay that we do that. The reverends believe in the mass imaginary creator that loves us despite how terrible things can be, while the mystics believe that something that accidentally created consciousness and thus knows it exists (the universe) has a plan that it guides us (the consciousness) on within our fate. While I know that I’m conscious and can barely plan for myself- I cannot lay harshness onto them any more than I would on a reverend.


Because the meaninglessness of life makes it possible for us to believe whatever the hell we damn well please.

But also life comes with the price of a few billion years of evolutionary baggage. You have a ton of emotions and a neural processing system that basically requires you to eat, sleep, mate, and search for ways to ensure you can do those things. So we have needs that we have no choice but to fill.

And so some of us seek success. I know I do… poorly.

And to seek and attain success you have to accept that you can’t always be in “on” mode, but that sometimes- or even often you’ll be fighting with the all mighty advantage of being supremely lazy. To attain success you have to admit that you are not some perfect being made in the image of some god, but that you are at best an imperfect being that has supreme cognitive abilities.

And when you get at those points of acceptance you gotta think about yin and yang, and how the two tadpoles represent balance, and male and female whatevers- well you don’t actually have to, life is your VR game for a few decades. Just find your balance and stick to it, in the end you won’t survive so who cares.

Keep, well, keep playing the game how you like it my friends.


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