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The BFR- Scifi Promptcast Story

What you are about to read is a first draft story from the Near Light Speeds prompt on the ABKstories Scifi Promptcast. I haven’t edited it one bit, so tear it to shreds for my laziness!

He wished it would be like it was back in the old Star Trek films from the early millennium- a set of classics taught in videature classes. But it was never like that, he’d learned pretty quick in SpaceX training, it was never like that.

The company hired him to test fly their BFR, Big. F-ing. Rocket., seven years back, and the training slapped him harder than his mother the day he came out. Unfortunately, the things he did for a living weren’t something you just got used to- and because of Musk’s long standing policy that people should stay away from control panels, his job was actually more about surviving extreme conditions than checking procedures and controls.

He was a Spock surrounded by Datas in the BFR, and he was about to get a taste of real space travel. The course was a round-trip to Jupiter and Back in two hours kinda deal. Damn near the Speed of Light to do that and only an idiot would volunteer for this. He, luckily for SpaceX, was such an idiot.

Getting off Earth was no hard ploy. A few Gs will set you back in your chair, but his body was augmented, he could handle far more than 9 Gs, and his suit added oomph to that. But still, as the countdown to NLS started he thought of Wesley Crusher- the annoying prat who could comprehend warp physics- a literal magic no one could comprehend just yet. And to top it off, Crusher was a god-creature who traveled through space without feeling any inertia.

But he wasn’t on Star Trek, and as he gave the camera his thumbs up, he felt the push of the engines behind him. The BFR was a Fusion rocket, but it used traditional chemical propellant to get the fusion reactors heated. The first pulse added considerable weight to his body, like three people sat on his chest.

It was better than it used to be. Three people sitting on a chest was heavy for most, but even he didn’t think that was bad- it pushed him out by the moon in minutes, but the speedometer picked up quick. The plan was to use Jupiter’s gravity to turn the BFR back towards Earth. While he would likely pass out during the course of the trip, he was required to be awake for the passing just in case the autopilot failed.

He felt a nudge, the feeling of a semi hitting a car you happen to be in and crushing you alive. He kept his arms down on the seat because that’s as far as he could lift them. He felt nearly crushed by everything, and the view of his monitors became oblong.

He gave every indication he was okay, but he knew he might die at any second. This was not the first test of the rocket, but it was the first test of a human in it, and boy it was brutal. That oblong world discolored to blue and red, the center blue, the edges red- as if the doplar effect existed just inside his tiny cabin.

He felt his ribs press down further- as if he lay in a torture device created by some medieval baron form hell. “Confess your Sins!” “I’ve already confessed to getting hard for boys what more do your want?” “CONFESSS BEFORE YOUR GOD!”

It was damn near impossible to breath. He could hear mumbles in the overhead but none of it made sense. They all told him to “Mhrr mhrr hurrr”. But his job was.. was to what exactly? Sit in a rocket while the world ignored ethics? Yeah, and get paid a buttload doing it too.

Something popped. It might have been his ears, but he couldn’t hear anything after that. Sweat, or blood, dripped down his face, and nearly turned to solid against the pull of the engine. He could feel the weight pulling on his skin, everything torn into his chair- which held up like a champ.

Then he could see the monitor. It was flashing. Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash……flash…..flash……….flash

And then there was light. Everything expanded from a single point of infinitesimal size yet infinite density. Blue and red turned to plaid. Plaid turned to blue, seven turned into a velociraptor with surprisingly good taste in wine and then back into seven but with more bite than ever before. He was everything, the star child, the star child’s poop, even the star child’s mother. All at once no one and everyone breathed the same air, peed the same molecules of water, and all of it was him.

His eyes opened, and for a second there was Jupiter, whisking around just outside his flying Phallus, and throwing him bodily against his seat straps. Then his eyes closed again.

When they pulled him out, he’d broken each limb, shattered five ribs, and had an odd growth on the bridge of his nose. But he was at once the fastest person who ever said, “Mom, I think I’m gay.”

Boy do I hope you enjoyed that one! Feel free to watch the Promptcast and do the prompt yourself. I look forward to your thoughts and stories!

Keep writing Mah dudes.


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