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On Time- Tuesday Thoughts

Here’s a question:

You wake up early, you apply for scholarships, you go to the gym. When you come home you shower and shave, and put two pages into a google doc for a story you plan to submit to a lit mag. Later, you split your time searching for reviews seeking submissions.

You then get hungry, and eat with YouTube. Then you watch three hours of video game cut-scenes. You completely ignore your to-do list and you let the day fly by.

Was the day wasted?

I would say yes- I would say you gave up halfway through once you lost the energy, once you made it to nap time all hell broke loose and you let the nothingness take over.

The day I’m writing this, I did exactly what you see above. I started the day well and I appear to be ending it in a sea of blurgh. I sit here in my new chair, looking back on the times I’ve had nothing but energy- and find that even then I had none. But back then I pushed myself into getting back to work, I turned those distractions aside and kept at it.

You see, it doesn’t matter when you turn around and say, “wait, I should get back to work” It just matters that eventually you do.

Keep pushing, my friends.



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I love this philosophical self-reflection. And of course, you are exactly right. We can choose the part of what we do that we focus on, and it doesn’t have to be the ‘bad’ part.
Keep up the hard work! And the less hard work too!

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