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Delphi and the Dandelions

You are about to read the story for the Fantasy Promptcast Talking Plants. Once you’ve finished reading, feel free to check out the companion video and try the prompt out yourself, or you can comment on the story itself- critique it! It’ll make me happy to know where I can improve.

“Be sure to weed the garden when you’re done with the dishes!”

“Yes Madam Fuldgery.” Delphi sighed.

Delphi scrubbed the plates and let the suds cover her hands in a film of slick that felt like an invisible barrier to the rush of the faucet. Why did it have to be the gardens, she thought, always the gardens for Delphi and never shoveling the multer dung or spreading the gnome feed.

It’s not that gardening wasn’t a hobby she enjoyed. She had enjoyed it a lot before her parents died, before Madam Fuldgery and the foster home- back when normal meant normal and not the things that usually happen.

She washed the film from her hands after the last plate was on the rack. Then she went to the front door and replaced her robin’s egg slippers for the Mousaw boots, and the film for yellow and green rubber gloves. She stepped out, careful to walk the path so as to not disturb the grass and made way to the barn, where her gardening tools were. Each of the kids had their own set of tools, and was responsible for caring for and repairing them after gardening. Delphi’s was a shovel-axe. Perfect for stabbing into the roots of nasties and slicing through a dandelion’s hard stems.

Madam Fuldgery had an uneasy truce with the grass: so long as it didn’t grow in her garden and stayed shorter than two thumbs- she would neither trod on nor cut it. throughout the property. But no such truce could exist for the dandelions. And so the weeding was a daily chore in the summers.

When Delphi made it to the gardens she knew she’d be out here for hours. Seven Dandelions crowded a far corner, screaming obscenities to the tomato plants, who weren’t much for a kind conversation anyway.

“You have to stop them!” the old Pumpkin Patch said, “They’ll kill us all and take our sun!”

Delphi didn’t need more instructions. She called forth the magic words: “Cogito ergo homunculus sum!” and the garden grew around her. The old Pumpkin Patch became three times her size, and even the gnomes would have stood larger than her if they wore their pointed wedding caps.

She held her shovel- axe firm in both hands. She screamed, and charged swinging at the stems of the yellow dandies.

Thanks again for reading today’s Promptcast story and double thank you for watching the video and trying the prompt yourself! If you did the prompt feel free to send me the story or concept you wrote and I will happily critique it in the Friday video! Have fun and keep writing my friends!



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Setting up the outline with Delphi and Madam Fuldgery
living among talking plants is good.

Talking plants can become the prominent characters
as they fight with each other for dominance.

Screaming Dandelions, Acerbic Tomatoes and Nosy
carrots can make quite a story as they interact with Delphi.

Good luck with your story, I’m off to edit my PromptCast #2

I hope to read it soon! Loved the first draft, and making the video for this week now.

Thanks for commenting and being an all around engaging reader! It keeps me going!

Hi Tree very interesting idea. You’re right there are a lot of stories and mythology about talking plants. Very interesting perspective. Hope you’re keeping well. Thanks. By the way old man willow was also from Lord of the Rings Tom Bombadil rescued the Hobbits from him.

George! Thanks for giving all of this a looksee!

How could I have forgotten Old Man Willow when Tom Bombadil is my favourite LOTR character?!

I hope life is treating you well and that you’ve been picking things up and putting things down before you go home in all your favourite ways.

Tell me what you think!

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