We’re back! And that’s a wonderful thing. I love doing these and I think in the future I will be doing them on YouTube (too?), but that requires adherence to a schedule that I do not yet have the discipline for. Featuring writers has become a guilty pleasure of mine and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you would like to be featured on my website please fill out the form on the last page of this post!

Anyway, today I want to talk to you about an individual who single-handedly held my banner on YouTube through the worst of my videos with encouraging comments and persistent out-of-the-starship thinking. He is a writer who’s five letter name is a combination of his father’s and mother’s, and for that he’s always found luck in the number five.

Lu Mar, from what I’ve seen, specializes in experimenting with ideas and concepts that come to him through conversation, like in the example below. But he also writes traditional work from poetry to stories about space aliens helping us fight the commies. Essentially his writing is random and when discussing his writing he says: “I take past experiences that I hear others talk about and things that I have experienced and add the spice of dialogue.”

He is a part of a senior writers group with people who mostly write what he refers to as “legacy work”. While I know that being within a community of writers makes writing more enjoyable, I could see why Lu Mar turns to the internet to expand his outreach in the writing world. While I don’t know how he feels, I know that I would feel a little lonely in a group of writers focused on something that I myself don’t have much interest in.

My favorite thing about Lu Mar though, is seeing him in my YouTube comment section. He seems to take the time to comment on work with a deep thought tangent that gives you pause. Here’s an example from one of my videos:

The title I have for him, the Brevity Bell (taken from his website), is actually emblematic of his character online. The definition of Brevity meaning “concise and exact use of words or speech”, he appears to take this to heart and talk about the meaning of what you said in a video or article and its subjective qualities. He really makes you stop and wonder if the message you give is exactly what you wanted to say, which I think is invaluable in the creative fields.

As a Psychology major and a wannabe writer, I have a heavy interest in how it is other people view things subjectively given exposure to ideas and concepts that they like to explore. So you may be able to see why I could appreciate someone like him in my comments section.

But without too much more of my ranting- go see his work! Go on to the next page!!!

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8 thoughts on “LuMar the Brevity Bell- Featured Writer 12019/06/13

  1. Hey, Alexander! I’ve got a little question for you. If you wanted to write about aliens or direct a movie about them, what would they look like? (Please don’t tell me they look like grasshoppers with talons)

    1. They certainly could look like grasshoppers!

      It really depends on the world they cone from and what kind of environment for which they’ve adapted through natural selection.

      There is some evidence that to be intelligent they might need a combination of a large energy consuming brain and free hand-like appendages with which to manipulate objects as we do.

      Eyes, noses, ears, arm shapes and leg counts are entirely dependent on their environment.

      If they’re sea creatures they would likely have evolved something similar to fins, and a flying species would likely have something similar to wings, but a species could just as easily evolve jets like an octopus and propellers like some single-celled organisms. Evolution finds the solution that works- and that’s all nature cares about!

      So be creative! Aliens could look like anything as far as we know! We’ve never seen any before, after all.

      1. Very thorough XD If I wanted to write about unearthly creatures (whom I do not believe in :3) I’d make them as human clones. That’d be creepy and very hard to exterminate.

      2. Why would it be hard to exterminate clones?

        What do you mean by unearthly creatures? Like Clthulu? I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t believe in anything- but I suspect that we are not alone in the universe. There are too many stars out there for our world to be the only one with life.

  2. Bc if the clone acts as you do and looks more or less like you, then how can you differentiate between the fake and the real? And unearthly like…aliens. But I feel like aliens is a…silly word? I don’t know, I just never liked it *shrugs*

    About the Cthulhu thingy, that’s what I don’t like about sci-fi movies. They just look like a mix of animals. It has an octopus mouth and spider eyes. Can’t they be human? Like we’re similar?

    1. Well another word is Extra Terrestrials, essentially latin for land living organisms from outside.

      But more and more scientists among the prospective field of astrobiology suspect that there would be few reasons for a species that didn’t evolve on earth to look or even act human. Humans are the only animals we know to act and look as we do here, and while we are certainly the most intelligent species on the planet, are we the only species that can feel, think, communicate, and create societies?

      From bugs to our closest cousins the Chimpanzees our world is full of species that do things we often think of as only human. And that suggests that possibly any species that evolves intelligence doesn’t have to be as intelligent or as physically formed as we are.

      That said, they might need a type of brain that has high functioning processing systems, and I would suspect that they would have hands or something quite like hands to move and grab objects. That is for them to be as intelligent as us- but if they’re more intelligent, who knows what forms they’ll have! There is no reason for them to look or act human except that it makes it easier to relate to them when they do- that’s why Spock feels so real and so human while the xenomorphs from Alien scare us.

      But you have an excellent point- there are 100 billion or more stars in our galaxy and 100 or so billion observable galaxies in the universe, that suggests that somewhere there might be aliens that look and act just like we do, but they come from planet Dearth. Statistically possible, but unverifiable for sure.

      I went on a tangent there, but I hope it was an entertaining read!

      And yeah clones would be hard to differentiate from originals- but you might be able to! People who know pairs of identical twins intimately (like their best friends or parents) can often tell the difference between the twins somewhat easily- despite the fact that twins are clones of each other!

      Humans are just cool creatures!

      1. Huh. That was a very interesting read. I’ve watch a TED show about why humans are different than animals and why they shouldn’t be classified as mammals. It wasn’t only because of their intelligence, but also because of their way of processing and most importantly, their imagination.

        Time is pretty much virtual. Animals are either nocturnal or they sleep when the sun sets and wake up when the sun rise whereas humans have a thing called hours. Also, money does not hold any actual value other than what we imagine it to hold.

        I don’t know what might and might not happen throughout the years, but I do know that humans are quite interesting and smart. Still, they have limits.

        Twins are so fun to be around 😂😂😂

        More ramblings to come!

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