The story you are about to read comes from the Fantasy prompt “Magics School” from the Fantasy Promptcast series on YouTube. If you are interested in doing the prompt too, scroll down the page and watch the video!

He reached out and knocked on the door as it opened. “Dr. Thorp, I have a few questions about our lecture this morning.”

The old professor turned away from a locket he had been staring at and it disappeared from his hands. “What? Oh, Mr. Cundlewood. Please, ask away.”

“Well,” The boy sat in a chair, “we were discussing the cosmic abyssals: Mulgeris, Jivaltaar, and Kori.”

“Yes the three guardians of the Wormholes. I get asked about them often by Physics majors like yourself. What about them would you like to discuss? The creation of the strong and weak Nuclear forces upon their arrival into our universe?”

“Y-yes, but not quite that. You see, I’ve been doing some digging and I have a source here that confuses me, one that appears to have been written by you that contradicts our lecture I think.”

The professor turned his head, “Oh? And what might that be? I don’t recall ever publishing anything on the subject.”

“That’s the thing, it’s not published. I found it here.”

Thorp narrowed his eyes at the boy. “And what is it, that compelled you to search through my office while I was absent?”

“The Valtershunk.”

The room grew dark as the blinds and doors closed. The lights dimmed, as if everything begun to soak into Thorp. The boy reached toward his sheath, but felt a hand twist his wrist away. Thorp’s staff had appeared in his hand as if it had always been there.

“What have you learned, dear student?”

“That they eat spacetime, that they are the abyssals who did not enter this realm in time to observe creation, and that they can offer power to those who ask.”

“Power that comes for a price, child.”

“An-” He gasped at the pain as his wrist cracked, “What did you ask for, Benedict Thorp? W-what did you pay?”

“Nothing that concerns you- Shunvikor!”

As the spell sent a blue-white blast that pulsed towards him, the boy called for the winds, and faded into nothingness. Benedict Thorp looked around the empty room, and pulled out his locket. There Emilia and Gedra sat immortal for eternity, and the promise he’d accepted was weighed on his heart.

With his mind he drew a circle, which expanded him into seven dimensions, and he burst forth from Earth to find and stop the boy who searched his room before the boy shares his own fate.

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