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Just Floating- Promptcast Stories

“Ow! Damnit!”

Ted rubbed at his forehead as he spun into a back flip.

“Told you not to move so fast.”

“Thanks for the reminder, Jane.” He grabbed a handle and pushed himself forward, “You know, that shit never happens in movies.”

“That’s because they film on Earth where there’s gravity, and they use magic science so a flat set makes sense.”

“Lying bastards.” Ted grumbled.

“Just wait till the nausea hits you.”

“I should be fine. Took the pills.”

“If I had a promotion for every time I heard that one,” they rounded a corner and entered a hallway with screens and tools on all the walls and Jane handed him a puke bag, “I’d wish you well, but it doesn’t do you any good. Could you check on my mice for me while I check the tardigrades? Monitor D-7.”

Ted spun around, and blinked as all the colors he’d ever seen spun after him. As his head caught up to his eyes, he activated the screen on D-7. Three split screens each with two mice appeared. Two pairs floated while one lay comfortably in their artificial-G spinning dungeon.

“Well the pregnant one is certainly getting big… oh and the grav rats are pounding it out mommy and daddy style.”

“Mice, Ted. They’re Mice. What about pair C?”

“Just…” He lurched a little in his mouth- swallowed it- and continued, “Just floating.”

He reached for the pills in his pocket. At the sound of the rattle Jane told him to just use the bag and get it over with before-”

Ted cut her off with a spewing of green and viscous flem-filled stomach acid.


Here is the prompt for this story! Be sure to share your stories if you wrote them and go ahead and critique mine!

Also I know I’ve been quiet the past few days, but don’t worry I have a schedule that will allow me to speak up a bit more!

Keep writing my friends and thanks for being you!



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Your stories always seem to have some kind of dark twist. How does your imagination even grasp these stuff? 😂
An astronaut puking in his suit…yuck. Peculiar nice story though 😊

Your creativity and imagination never fails to amaze me. Love all your space knowledge, even the unglamorous stuff. Just regular people in a spaceship. Really, is vomiting like that a thing? Great work my friend.

Thanks as always Rachel for reading and saying nice things and being you.

But to answer your question, yes it is! About half of astronauts, if my sources are correct, get motion sickness in space because our bodies cannot regulate their balance in zero gravity. When we get motion sickness we feel nauseous and tend to vomit. Here is what my main character should have done if that were the case.

Unfortunately for my character, I didn’t do my research particularly well. thankfully other smart people did which you can learn about in this video.

As someone who has an issue with motion sickness (I prefer to be the driver and never really got the hang of reading while riding a car) I think it’s pretty cool that we can train ourselves to overcome motion sickness. I might just try it. So thanks again for pointing me towards this awesome discovery!

I hear you on the motion sickness. I am ok in a car, but cannot go on any swings or rollercoasters… Yuck! Interesting about the astronauts, love reading your stories.

Swings? Really? I’ve never met anyone before who feels sick on swings. That’s a cool new thing to think about… in a morbid sort of way..

What do you think of the promptcast idea?

I’m thinking of implementing some creative changes to my use of ABKstories and I value your input.

Tell me what you think!

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