Writing doesn’t have to leave you broke! Below I have left some of the editorial addresses, as well as links to short story collections for various genres. These resources will push your game further when it comes to writing professionally, and I hope that you do better than I have when it comes to writing for them.

Just be sure to look up these addresses and magazines by name, usually being sure to use the word “review” in your search. Their websites will tell you everything you need to do to apply and submit. Some of them require minor fees, but it is generally to discourage the less serious writers or to pay the editors.

For Scifi Writers, I suggest you pick up any short fiction collection at the bookstore. Lately, and I was very wrong in the video, Science Fiction writers have not made a large amount of work, so the field is wide open for submissions. I have left below some links to the books a Scifi writer may want to pick up to get a list of magazines to submit to.

I encourage you to look up these titles and find the page that carries addresses and names of reviews and magazines. Your wallet will be glad you did!

Now, I am unfamiliar about poetry, but I believe it will be the same kind of thing. If any of you have images that could be useful to poets regarding publication- feel free to send them my way!

Next week I’ll discuss an aspect of this that will make submissions a little easier.

Best of luck and keep writing my friends!


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