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When Chuck Comes- Promptcast Stories

She spread the diced skippiwur tree stems along the edge of the forest. She didn’t do this kind of thing often, but the new guy was here, and he needed to know just what it was he was protecting. The nip, as she called it, would be irresistible to them- but doing this was never really safe. She stepped back and gave a whistle with her hands behind her back.

“How long does it usually take?” He asked

“Any minute now they’ll come running, newbie.”

His real name was Erick, but that was as important to her as where her shit went after she flushed it: she knew, but didn’t care. Like any new arrival, he’d been assigned to his conservationist position ten years ago and took his ticket sleeping in near-light speeds while his family withered away into obscurity.

“Holy shit! The trees just moved! I thought moving trees were only native to New Africa.”

“They are, those trees weren’t moving on their own. That was Chuck.”

“Chuck? You’ve named them?”

She didn’t answer, there was no reason to. Of course we’ve named them- how else can we protect them from the rest of us if we haven’t named them; if we haven’t become attached to them?

A crack shook the ground followed by a massive woosh! An entire tree was airborn and spinning right at them.

“What the fuck! Dr. Gandle- look out!”

She just stood there and watched it fly and then it crashed to the ground right in front of them. She turned her head back to Erick, who had crouched down to the ground in desperate breaths.

“See, that’s how I knew it was Chuck.”

“Ch-Chuck…” he repeated.

Loud coys came up from the treeline, first one then a herd’s worth of the strange call. She kept her attention on Erick, his eyes bulged with fear- chest moving to the beat of an old early 2000’s hip hop tune.

“They don’t like heavy breathing; so you should calm down or step back, newbie.” She turned her gaze back on the treeline, “Here comes the wonder.”

The sound of a hundred stomps pummeled its way towards them. Five toes in front, clawed hooves in the middle, hooves in the back. Four eyes, one nostril, two hundred teeth. And if you keep your chin up and stand your ground, the fuckers act like puppies.

And just like that Chuck and the others burst forth at two meters tall, while the new kid held back screams with his own hands.


This is the first story in the Scifi Promptcast line! If you want to get involved see below!

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