In today’s post we discuss the age-old advice that if you want to be a writer you should commit to doing it like you would a day job. Be sure to view it on the website! Enjoy!

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Best of luck to you in all your writing. Have a happy everything and please keep writing, my friends!


12 thoughts on “Writing Every Day- Misunderstood Writing Advice

  1. I really wanted to hear this advice, but there was no link to a video…? I’ve missed you round here my friend, hope you are enjoying your summer break though!!! Some r and r is probably just what you need 💛. Happy, you know, everything.

    1. No link?

      Oh no! I don’t know what went wrong; I embedded the video to the page. according to my dashboard it should be visible on all devices…But I can leave a link in the comments for you!

      I’ve been missing you and everyone too. I’ve actually taken on a few more projects so lately I’ve been hammering out a workable system. You’ll see near daily posts from me from now on.

      Happy everything to you too Rachel!!

      1. Oh I’ve figured it out, maybe. The video is not visible in Reader. I set it up so that full posts can only be seen through the website because pagination doesn’t work on the reader and apparently that means embedded videos aren’t visible either.

  2. I’m your new subscriber. 🙂 Good Job with this video. You are very good in presenting your idea and very comfortable with the camera. Nice 🙂 🙂

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