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Terry Pratchett’s Pyramids- In Reviewniverse

Pratchett had the ability to imagine the world from the perspective of anyone. In his stories he constantly pokes fun at the world he lived in, at the fantasy tropes he saw, and at our lack of perspective. This is what makes his munchies stay in your head for days or even weeks without all the emotional baggage of a Stephen King novel.

Writers, especially Sci-fi and Fantasy writers ought to be familiar with his world building methods most of all. His world is unique, but he manages to get just enough in where the reader can jump into any of his books and not worry about being on time in their reading. While at times it feels his books are experiments in writing style, his work consistently entertains and pokes the very limit of what a munchie can to be.

This will be the first in a long list of Discworld reviews- so I had to focus on the world more than the book itself, and I will leave links to the first seven books on the next page (they can almost be read in any order). I promise that the next Terry Pratchett Review will be only about the book and not have so many links. These books can be found in any bookstore and I highly recommend Each of them at about the same level.

For those who would prefer not to get books from the links I have provided, but would still like to look at Pratchett’s wonderful collection click here and go directly to his website.

Have you already read these books? Tell me and other readers what you think in the comments!

Keep reading my friends.


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