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Terry Pratchett’s Pyramids- In Reviewniverse

Each of Pratchett’s novels takes a humorous spin on serious topics like confronting mortality, coming of age, dealing with failure, confronting sexism- but it is this humorous spin that follows the munchie formula: focus on one emotion and build around it. This, coupled with the shortness of his books (and the fact that he hated chapters) makes them plow-through reads.

Pyramids is no exception. In Pyramids we are confronted with the reality that having everything we could ever want is more of a pain in the ass than a good thing. The main character finds out that he must leave his studies aside to become a king, and that being a king is a tedious ceremonial family business that does no one any good.

We see Teppic go through his past and future to become who he’s meant to be. We find too that we end the book with a smile, not having been cheated out of an interesting read. Life, the world, and everything we find- might not be that big a deal after all so long as you stick to what means the most to you.


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