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As a teenager I had no capacity to deal with stress. The most minor thing, like bureaucracy or being forced to do an assignment that seemed useless pushed me over the tipping point. As I grew older I learned that at times doing things you don’t want to do helps you move forward, but this still didn’t help me cope with stress. Arguably back then I was under a great deal less stress than I am now, and would not be capable of handling what I handle today.

This change started after I had a panic attack.

This single event derailed me for a good two years. It was likely not my first, and it was not my last- but it pulled my head out of my ass and into a whole new world. It pushed me into a different school, a different major, and far out from my typical emotion-based coping system. After that panic attack, for the first time in my life it was clear that how I felt and what I put on myself was subject to real world limits that I had previously never considered.

I did not begin to recover from that until my senior year at Binghamton- where I discovered, without looking at a psychology book, the methods to stress reduction that turned me into who I am today. I went from a person of emotion-only coping and no resilience, to a person of high resilience, and I believe you can too. The next two pages will encompass my steps and the tools shown to work for most people through the scientific method.


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Wow, this is both informative and from the heart. You really have a special something in how you describe these things, a way of conveying how much you care about others and yourself, a way of making others want to take your advice. I hope your back is ok my friend, nice to see a post from you, it’s been a while!

It has been a while, and I’ll admit I have missed your uplifting comments!

It fills me with so much joy to know that these posts are effective. Thank you for taking the time to read them and say what you think.

Back pain will never bring be down (unless I fall)!

Be well!

The picture though 😂
I really hope that you’ll loosen up in the near future and that you won’t do any type of shopping soon!
I hate shopping too 😑

Oh thank you so much! These things are fun, and I get to meet a lot of new people after doing them! I’ll think about it and make a post when the time comes 🙂 Thank you as always.

Keep writing, my friend!

You write well, and your use of personal experiences really drives the point home. I believe we flourish as humans when we’re exposed to stress, but not the kind of stress that comes from modern life. The incessant drone of your energy bill doesn’t pump you up like a face-off with a lion, or the hunt for prey. And the feeling doesn’t stop when the chase is over. Modern life has really messed us all up.

Keep up your good writing. I’ve taken some food for thought from what you’ve written here. Thanks!

I’m to know glad anything I have written could be helpful to you! I agree, the modern stressors just don’t make sense when compared to historical ones, but the unfortunate truth is both are harmful to the body, and I’m quite thankful we aren’t dealing with any lions or saber-toothed tigers just yet!

Thanks for the kind words. Keep growing my friend!

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