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Coping is a skill we learn as we get older to counteract life’s more unpleasant occurrences. Individuals need to cope when they encounter stimuli they believe to be stressful, and we do it because it works.

According to Folkman and Lazarus, coping can be generalized into two method sets: emotion- focused and problem- focused.

There are two main types of coping, each has benefits

In emotion- focused coping a person pacifies the stress by engaging in distracting behavior or avoidance behaviors. These could include drinking or abusing alcohol, eating, sex, reading, hiking, drawing, and binge-watching (Gazzaniga).

In Problem- focused coping the person tries to take a direct approach to the source of stress and eliminate it. In this method the person may assess the issue, weigh it and search for solutions (Gazzaniga).

While it may seem obvious to you that problem- focused coping mechanisms are the more useful of the two, it is important to note that this is only true from a distance. People use problem-focused coping when the subject of their stress seems like something they can manage or control, while emotion- focused coping actually “enables [the person] to continue functioning in the face of uncontrollable stressors or high levels of stress” (Gazzaniga).

Both methods have their merits and their detractors. It is often stressful alone to deal with a problem, and that mounting stress can have emotional and physical strains- but emotional coping mechanisms do not often work on a long- term basis, and some of them only exacerbate your issues (e.g. drinking while poor keeps you poor, having an affair instead of dealing with your relationship to your spouse only complicates the problem in the long run).

The clear answer to stress is to assess the situation and try to implement both methods as best as you can or even walk away from the problem entirely (yes, contrary to what people say, walking away is at times the best option). How you handle stress has a lot to do with who you are as a person and your hardiness, or stress resistance.


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Wow, this is both informative and from the heart. You really have a special something in how you describe these things, a way of conveying how much you care about others and yourself, a way of making others want to take your advice. I hope your back is ok my friend, nice to see a post from you, it’s been a while!

It has been a while, and I’ll admit I have missed your uplifting comments!

It fills me with so much joy to know that these posts are effective. Thank you for taking the time to read them and say what you think.

Back pain will never bring be down (unless I fall)!

Be well!

The picture though 😂
I really hope that you’ll loosen up in the near future and that you won’t do any type of shopping soon!
I hate shopping too 😑

Oh thank you so much! These things are fun, and I get to meet a lot of new people after doing them! I’ll think about it and make a post when the time comes 🙂 Thank you as always.

Keep writing, my friend!

You write well, and your use of personal experiences really drives the point home. I believe we flourish as humans when we’re exposed to stress, but not the kind of stress that comes from modern life. The incessant drone of your energy bill doesn’t pump you up like a face-off with a lion, or the hunt for prey. And the feeling doesn’t stop when the chase is over. Modern life has really messed us all up.

Keep up your good writing. I’ve taken some food for thought from what you’ve written here. Thanks!

I’m to know glad anything I have written could be helpful to you! I agree, the modern stressors just don’t make sense when compared to historical ones, but the unfortunate truth is both are harmful to the body, and I’m quite thankful we aren’t dealing with any lions or saber-toothed tigers just yet!

Thanks for the kind words. Keep growing my friend!

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