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ABK’s Journey to the Sunshine Blogger Award

So, Wife.Blah, here’s what I have to say.

  1. Why are you blogging?

Well- I don’t think of ABKstories as a blog. It’s my website, my little home company baby-child where I can talk about writing and science and… oh gods… this is a blog…

2.Who do you wish would read your blog?

Is it selfish to say everyone? I want everyone to read my work- that way more people will tell me what needs to improve!

3. Where is your happy place?

Anywhere that has a place to read, a place to write, my cats, and my Moose.

4. What superpower would you like to have?

They all sound terrible- but I would like to be able to speak any language. That’d be cool.

5. Favorite sweets?

I’m sorry what was that about Chocolate Mousse?

6. Greatest fear?

Wasting my life.

7. What do you wish to have, but can’t?

Robots that do house chores. Seriously doing the dishes is unnatural.

8. Favorite Classic Song?

Moonlight Sonata is pretty good.

9. What is the most played song on your playlist?

I Keep it on shuffle!

10. Beauty or Brains?

What’s the difference?

Ginkgo’s gotta eat too you know!

11. What motivates you?

The desire to grow, to help others, and to ensure that my family can eat.


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I love the sass of “too bad” 😂 you’re certainly a blogger, and kind at that. In fact, I believe you’re one of the nicest I’ve met around here. I hope more awards come in your way for you deserve recognization! Congratulations!

I want to cry this comment is so kind!

None of these awards would ever have come if it weren’t for your nomination! Your kindness certainly dwarfs anything I’ve ever done. So thank you for everything!

I only hope I can live up to this reputation of niceness!

Thank you so much for spending some time answer my questions, considering that your finals are coming. Good luck with your finals, I know you will do good. And you deserve the nomination. Thank you so much. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and checking it out!

I’m happy to know that someone thinks my work is worth it- I hope I can keep it up for people like you!

Look forward to reading more from you in my readerfeed. Keep writing my friend!

My pleasure my friend. Sorry I don’t have much time reading these days. When you’re working night shift when you got home you just need to sleep.

You are nominated for these awards because your writing is awesome, and people can see your beautiful soul and how you extend your kindness so widely. So, maybe for both writing and blogging – not mutually exclusive, no? Great to read your answers, beauty and brains, same thing = priceless.

No, I don’t suppose they are mutually exclusive. Thank you as ever for your kind words. I still feel I don’t deserve things like this, but it really helps a lot to know that someone out there likes what I do.

Happy, happy everything.

It went okay!

Threw my back actually…

But these things heal, and the new place is perfect.

Hopefully I have a lot of your poems to catch up on over the next few days!

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