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“Woo! Get us there space cowboy!”

Sieg ignored Jack an kept his eyes on the monitor. He had this, no matter what was in the damned debris field. Fly Sieg, fly on and get there.

Someone behind him puked as he fired the port-forward thrusters and forced a 90 degree port turn.

“Christ Sieg, forget I spoke- who the hell taught you to fly?”

“Fly? Jack- I was born to soar!”

He fired the dorsal thrusters, giving a vertical vector curve just enough to miss a large chunk of cruiser.

“Why is it so densely pact like this?” Yong asked in between hurls, “I thought everything was spread out in space.”

Sieg didn’t turn away from the monitor, “Because there were so many of them- clever tactic for an idiot: pack ’em together so you make one big ass target for missiles and railguns. Fuggin’ amateurs.”

“Targets at starboard.”

“Got it.”

Sieg fired the forward and port-aft thrusters for a 45 degree turn while the others fired off the railguns. Then he stabilized the turn with equal and opposite bursts. Keep it even Sieg, stoop it lightly, flutter, and cling.

Jack extended the terminal bridge as Sieg eased the Chrysalis onto the hull.

“Hah!” Sieg cheered, “I’d like to see Holfsteader do that. 85% fuel capacity too. Fuggin Pilot King!”

“Calm down kid- you still gotta fly us home. Gus, weld it.”

“Sure thing.”

They watched as the terminal bridge melted the hull and blew open an entry.

“Go get ’em you beautiful bastards… ugh- and Captain..”

“Just fly us home when we’re done kid.”

“Sure thing.” He said, and sat there to breathe.


This story was supposed to go up yesterday, but after what was the busiest day I think I’ve ever had, no writing worth reading could be done. I was trying something new this week, trying to get a visualization of what it’s actually like to pilot a ship through space. I’m sure I’m off by a long shot, but I want to know what you think- did this story work for you? It’s a short piece that I can’t say I like, but I really need that feedback. Today’s in Reviewniverse post will be up tomorrow. Sorry for doing that but these things happen.

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What I enjoy about your writing is that you immediately captivate my attention and create a strong visual/feeling—quickly. A complete Micro Story. You are busy-the reader is busy. Well done! 👍

Well I was trying something new with the movements of the ship itself- and the charactarization is lacking. Worst of all I couldn’t quite figure out what their mission was- who was shooting at them, why the debris field didn’t scatter..

Also who the hell is Holfsteader?

Tell me what you think!

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