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One Hundred Followers, a New Logo, and Everything- all at Once

Words cannot explain how dumbfounded I was when I saw this in my notifications.

While I can relish the thought of ABKstories being seen nearly 5,000 times, nothing compares to the number of times those people stayed around for more.

The value of followers transcends the value of those who see and leave. You followers are friends of mine who I may never meet- while they are those who notice but don’t step far from there.

I can never know if my work is good enough- or if my influence, no matter how small, makes a difference. All I know is that there are a hundred people our there who want me to succeed- people from literally all over the planet- and that’s more than I could ever ask for.

When I started writing I never thought it would bring me a sea of friends, a life full of meaning, a taste of success, or a sense of satisfaction in just being human. I started because I thought that I’d never get the chance to live the fantasies I read and write about. I thought I’d never pilot a space ship or lead an army into battle.

Yet now, now that I know just how many of you there are, how deeply you care and how special a friendship can be when connected by technology I realize that I am living that fantasy. I may not be a pilot of a spaceship- but I live in a world with self driving cars, global interconnection, diminishing wars, and rapidly growing equality. I live in the world where the hate of men has passed and the dictators die- where the power that society took from the people is truly returning to the people.

I reflect on my life and find that maybe, just maybe today is the day I can say that I actually have shed the depression I thought had left my life years ago. Today those scars are gone because of readers like you and those in my life here- my friends, family, and my Moose- who have cheered me on for so long, worried about me, and cried for me have ensured that this really does mean something.

Your support, your time, your feedback- all of it is not only welcome, but something I have come to cherish as invaluable. For that thank you could never be enough. But I’ll do my best to continue making content for you.

The new logo- tell me what you think!

And on that note- I have some pretty exciting news. My brother- bwharder– created a new logo for ABKstories! It’s so beautiful I think I could cry. Thank you, dear brother! I really owe you one.

None of this wouldn’t be possible without the support I’ve received from wonderful people like you. I’m already living the best life I could possibly have, and I could never thank you enough.

Keep writing, keep learning, keep growing, and most importantly keep being my friends.



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Congrats on the viewership and overall growth! And I think the logo looks quite nice. You plan on doing a color swap on your page design to coincide with the color scheme of the new logo?

You know- I never really thought about that. I might stick to this theme for now, because I’m not so sure if switching to a black background is a good move for ABKstories. I definitely won’t go for a light background because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s eyes.

Sorry I went off a bit there- thanks for the feedback and encouragement! Keep writing my friend, best of luck to you!

Congratulations, you really deserve it, and I am not surprised to learn of your growth. No doubt it will be exponential.
I am also, so happy to hear you feel you have shed depression…
Love your work, keep it up!!

Gods you are a wonderful friend!

Thank you as always for your encouragement. This growth is as terrifying as it is wonderful. I hope we can all grow and help others with our work!

Have a happy everything!

It’s actually my signature’s A turned into a logo. If you google my last name: Kodama, the leaf should make sense!

Thanks for the feedback and all your wonderful comments!

Keep writing my friend.

Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE those little forest spirits! We have where we live-click bugs that come in May-and we always say—it’s the forest spirits! Haha.
Well done, my friend. Beautiful. Your brother is also talented too. 🙂

Haha yeah they’re so cool!

I’ve never heard of click bugs- It sounds like a wonderful auditory experience though Hundreds or thousands of voices coming from the trees.

Oh how I want to go for a hike!

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