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Ivan’s Decision

The still dry air birthed the Sun as Ivan stepped out of his house. He watched the steam of his breath dance into nothingness. The sight of it all made him smile. Real winter, he thought, weather we haven’t seen since the exodus.

The snow that fell the night before blanketed the horizon in a white sea. Sacred as gold and glittering with love. How anyone saw winter as a price of life here he couldn’t understand, if anything this beauty was a gift- a price all humans could afford; what’s a bit of snow on an uninhabitable planet? Nothing, that’s what- nothing but a beauty no one could take in.

He crunched through the snow to his car and with naked hands wiped the cold powder off the windshield, lights, and camera. As the car started itself from his presence he noticed the neighbors stepping outside to marvel at the snow. Such peace.

His husband sat in the living room staring out the window when he came back in. Steam from Frank’s coffee rolled over his shoulders.

“Can you believe it?” Ivan asked.

“Yeah- it’s disgusting. I hate the snow.”

Ivan sighed and grabbed himself a mug.

“But,” he said, “the way the light bounces off it is just enchanting don’t you think?”

“Yeah- in Christmas pictures of December in Michigan. Keep that shit outta my planet. I didn’t go some 43 light years for this crap.”

Of all the things to upset you, Ivan thought, of all that this entailed- the terraforming, the progress, the sacrifices– it had to be something beautiful. He sipped his coffee and eyed the horizon from the kitchen.

“Frank?” He said.


“I want a divorce.”



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Wow. Ivan is a character with such depth – I felt like I wanted to sit down with him, listen to his utterly beautiful descriptions of the icy surroundings, and ask him a whole lot of questions about what had happened to earth, the exodus, his ideals and philosophy and views… but most of all, about what his husband’s failure to see this beauty meant to him and what made him make this unexpected decision. Great writing my friend. I think it says a lot when your reader wishes they could meet the character in your story.

Well, that’s just part of writing, no? And as I think about it—writing is actually kind of selfish like that. We write what we write because WE like it. Not we are trying to please anyone else. And if someone else does like it-great!

I love the magic and romance of winter and snow. Not the logistical pain in the arse side of it. So I get both sides. But still, I get it-when someone completely bursts your happy bubble-it’s like-“we just can’t go on-I want a divorce” and you hope the other person comes to their senses. Because well, really? 👍

Haha yeah it can be a pain to shovel every night before a blizzard just to do it again in the morning.

I get the feeling that Ivan was struggling with Franks negativity for a long time. But I guess I don’t know much about them

You’re absolutely right about writing. We are definitely doing it for us, but I feel the more I post the less it’s about me… weird thing to think..

I can relate. The more I post-the less it is about me. It’s liberating, no?

Ivan seems the creative type. Sees the magic and swirling colors. Frank is the practical one. Maybe Frank is struggling with his own negativity and that’s why Ivan is so attractive? Any human relation is complicated! But marriage-yikes! 🤪
Would be interesting to see how Frank responds. 👍

I could try a rewrite from Frank’s point of view, but I think it wouldn’t have the soul.

Ivan has something inside him- the thought that there is so much more to the things he sees- as you said: magic and swirling colors.

Frank, though, he seems to me to he anxious. Something is either too much or completely absent for him. Everything pains him in some way.

I feel the relationship started with the goal to save each other in mind. But love and marriage, well, yikes indeed.

And yes- super damned liberating!

Oh gosh you nailed it—the goal to save each other. Good luck!
As always, my friend-I enjoy the exchange of ideas with you.

Oh yeah… Finals… I forgot about those…

Haha they start next week! I have a few papers and exams- not too worried because I’ve been using the ABKpsych posts to study for my exams!

I would love to do a feature of you! Whenever you’re ready I’ll be here, no pressure since because I’m behind on Reviewniverse posts!

Keep being you my friend.

This is deep. It’s clear that you’ve created an entire universe in your head before putting pen to paper. Your piece tackles social issues, questions of humanity, philosophy, it’s relatable…

Super impressed. Keep the stories coming.


Thank you so much for this. I appreciate the sincerity of your comment and the thought you put into reading this story.

If I’ve impressed you I certainly hope I can keep it up!!

Keep writing my friend, look forward to seeing more of your stories too!

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