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Versatile Blogger Award- an In Reviewniverse/Featured Writer Mixup

-6 I’m picky about clothes

This one is just for fun but it has been a serious issue in my life. Every time I go shopping I avoid clothes stores because there have been too many occurrences in my life where I leave the store crying because they didn’t have what I wanted.

And I know you’re probably thinking, geez man it’s just clothes- relax.

No, Judith, it’s not just clothes. I’m sorry but there is nothing dumber than wearing a bright white logo on your t-shirt or the fact that women get to wear colorful pants but man can only wear black, denim, or khakis. I can’t stand the modern obsession with jeans either- if I wanted to suffocate my groin I’d get into S&M. And don’t get me started with pastel spring and summer colors. You kids look terrible.

I know this is harsh and judgmental, but I like what I like and cannot abide by the clothes I don’t like. I am not interested in paying to advertise a company logo any more than I am interested in risking choking to death on a tie. Give me a funny t-shirt and make it red or purple and you’ve got me.

-7 I watch cartoons almost daily

One of the things that brought Moose and me together was a mutual love of cartoons. The two of us are openly childish in what we hope is a fun way and we adore watching cartoons while we eat dinner. Most of our messages to each other are cats and comics. I recently decided to start drawing because I love them so much.

There is something adults try so hard to lose when they get older. But if you cannot remember how it felt to be a kid- how do you expect to raise one? And if you can’t find meaning in deeply meaningful shows like Hilda, Home, Spongebob, and Pokemon how can you expect to find meaning in your children?

Being able to embrace your childishness is, to me, the most uplifting ability you can have as an adult. Go out there, have fun! Be a kid again, it’s not like you’re going to die laughing.

There is another aspect to the award nomination that I have yet to mention. That is nominating people myself. So I will choose people that I have featured or have been thinking of requesting a feature for.


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If anyone is deserving of this award it is you my friend. I am also glad you received it as it is so nice to learn more about you. All of the things you described fit with how I would imagine you to be from your writing, which I think speaks to how creative, clever, empathic, genuine and authentic you consistently come across. Yes, thats a whole lot of adjectives, but I did not have to reach deep within my mind to find them, for they are what I truthfully think.
As for clothes shopping, I think you need to go to different shops!! I love it when people dress in what they love, it always looks great if it’s in the interest of self expression rather than fashion.
Finally, arigato for the nomination my 3 language speaking friend (!). It is very kind that you have not yet had enough of me after featuring me!!!

Keep writing, you’re great at it.

You are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for these kind adjectives- for I would never use them to describe myself! And thank you for the encouragement when it comes to shopping haha. We really should wear what we want!

I hope for great things from all of us in the future- here’s to then and here’s to now.

And lastly- どういたしまして(^-^) You can never have enough of a good writer!

Sure does!
It’s awesome that they offer Japanese in High school where you are. Here it’s one of the top five most studied foreign languages and yet no one thinks about making it a high school option.

Super cool! It is nice to be recognized-you do deserve it. Keep writing!
I’m smiling for you and Rachel—sending positive vibes. Glad to know you both-glad to call you both-friend. 🤗

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