I like to post remixes of the things we say during our critiques simply because we’re bad at making mouth words. I hope you find things that taste good when you smell them in life while you read this.

“Find out everything” the messenger said as he burst in, “Who was hitching the horses?”

Back in Pinehome the horses drank generously, hooving the beer from one to another- learning to read the runes found on whalebones as children.

I mean yeah, if you got magic inside you- you gotta let that shit out, ya know?

“They hitched themselves.” the crab-foot said, “Found love as a man finds his spider.” He looked up at the messenger from where he sat, Smoking tobback and relaxing.

“Oh my!” the messenger said faintly, unable to feel as he collapsed onto the floor. He sought council in the runes on the rug. Together they displayed the despair of Chief Wootred of the whassit tribe.

“Boy, you cannot ignore the magic that is inside you. If you do not heed its coming wolves will devour the corpses of men just as this fire devours that rug.” He tossed his pipe onto the rug, it lit up before the messenger could jump out of the way. The flames bore holes into his world- the beauty which walked on three legs into his mausoleum.

“What will I do about the horses?”

“Fantoms dwell inside our bones, boy. The horses will lie back in Pinehome and burn alive, and you will live among the mold, kool-aid, and gummy bears inside cupboards.” He stood up and under him the ground seemed to rise. “Boy you must come to terms with what you have done and what you will do. The fate of the world is in your hands. The magic of the message is one only you will be able to control- so be the man and deliver my message!”

“Anything- I will do anything you ask my friend.”

“Good. I want you to tell my hoof-footed brethren… Tell them it won’t be long.”

“What won’t be long, Crab-foot?”

“The return of the Gumbly Bumble mages. Now go, boy! Go and learn the magics of the Gumbles!”


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Cafe 12019/04/12

  1. Hahaha! “the magic of the Gumbles” I have no idea what this means-but great visual here. Yeah—gotta get it out. Will there be more to this story?

    1. Probably not- Writer’s cafe posts are a mixture of what was read and what was said during our weekly meetings. Most of it is total nonsense and inside jokes- but they’re fun to write.

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Sorry it took so long to respond!

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