*I do not own nor do I claim to own Rachel’s work. All images and quotations on this post were provided by Rachel with my understanding as to her permission to use them.*

Breathing in a Magnet
(A tale of MRI)

In the end it was a case of indisputable, magnetic truth
Told by a machine that hovered and roared like an unstable washing machine
With me on an endless spin cycle
I never knew that magnets could be so loud
I never knew that I had a magnetically detectable secret


The taste of panic rises
My body is a beacon with illuminating dye in my veins
The machine is a lighthouse
looking for sharks, drawing maps
While I lie there, my head in a frame of a photograph I did not want taken


A Rorschach picture
I see larvae in a nightmare cocoon
Of shattered butterfly dreams
The curtains pulled on deepest secrets
An intricate picture etched by a circling magnetic field
It’s a crystal ball of doom.


Suddenly, quiet
I hear birds chirping outside my window, I look fine, I say I’m fine…. Am I fine?
Waiting, waiting, waiting.
I pretend to laugh
Did the clock stop ticking?

I’m sorry….

I am delivered the pictures with certainty
My ears are ringing. Silent decibels.

I’m a time bomb on the floor, I’m in a drain. I’m alone in a desert with no water.
I am a well, drowning in my own tears
The clock is ticking
How can the sky be blue?

Fucking, Breathe

I’m in a vacuum, in an alternate unreal reality

You’re sorry.
….I know

Me too …
Actually I’m terrified

My children are outside, smiling with icecream lips
Alternate universe, embrace me
I pack a suitcase full of guilt, it’s not even mine

Just breathe

*I do not own nor do I claim to own Rachel’s work. All images and quotations on this post were provided by Rachel with my understanding as to her permission to use them.*

While Rachel’s writing started as a sort of therapeutic creative outlet- she stayed for the community. She found solace in readers like you who engage with her and talk about life. She credits your support and care for what can only be a total stranger as astonishing. Rachel is a lover of all things creative from music to painting, and thrives under the community she has built for herself. She has a warm personality that leaves you happy you commented on her work, and she engages with her readers with devotion. You can find her work here at In Mind and Out. Let her know how you feel about her work in the comments below and don’t forget to follow her.

I cannot express enough thanks to Rachel and all the other writers I’ve featured on ABKstories. It is a pleasure to meet people from around the world and connect through a love of writing.

If you are a writer and you like what I’ve done here I want to feature your work too. It’s a fantastic way to develop friendships and grow roots within the writing community and honestly brings me joy. There is no request for payments, free work, or anything like that- I just ask that you be patient with me as I create the features.

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*I do not own nor do I claim to own Rachel’s work. All images and quotations on this post were provided by Rachel with my understanding as to her permission to use them.*

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11 thoughts on “Rachel the Traveler of Minds- Featured Writer 12019/04/11

  1. Whenever someone does a passion or a job, they have to remind themselves of the why. I write to please myself, and my one reader. I also write to help people find themselves, possibly, throughout the lines. Or even give them the confidence they need to express themselves openly. I guess I write to support, entertain and make one’s mindset change to the better while shoving them to the lens they haven’t seen the situation from.

    Why do you write?

  2. This post has inspired me to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Well, the cat in the home page also won me over. She/he is cute!

    1. Versatile blogger award? What’s that?

      Also thank you! I mean- I definitely don’t deserve any awards but the fact that you would do such a thing is absolutely astonishing!

      That’s Ginkgo, she’s my writing buddy.

      Thank you and keep writing, my friend!

      1. It’s basically an ward to recognize blogs with awesome writing and beautiful picture or photographs. There are only there rules:
        1-Thank whoever nominated you and refer to their blog
        2-State 7 facts about yourself
        3-Nominate some blogs you like
        If you’d like an example, you can visit my blog or search it up really. Glad I could help since I was in the same situation 😂
        And tell Ginko she’s cute and deserves tuna.

      1. I already told her. She writes beautifully and yours is also a marvelous review. It offers deep insights into her poetry and makes the reader want to read more of her poems. The combination of these two I think are the basic aims of any review. I have also reviewed a few things (though I am not a professional reviewer). Here is perhaps my best one (at least, everyone has told me it is very good): https://momentsbloc.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/on-mario-savionis-lit-work.pdf

      2. Oh thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to take a look at it!

        Thanks as well for speaking so candidly about the feature, I really love doing these and I wish I had more submissions, but I feel my marketing for them isn’t good enough. Hopefully I can make more such things in the future!

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