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Lines of Love

A paper disguise for a velvet love
A love too much to stay on one page
Over and flowing the folds of her dress
As strong and soft as water
A warm infinity pool of soft Cashmere blankets,
Obsidian strength and kissed tears.
Arms trace a circle of placenta echos

Shh shh
Waves of memory
Ultra…. sounds
Whale booms
Plankton swim
Tiny fingers push…

Tears will never become tattoos – 
She catches each one before it pools
As she drowns in the depths of her love.
Canyons formed from rivulets of water,
Nipping mountains
In the bud if they are menacing.
For she is tied by umbilical strength
To this tiny child within, an image of herself
Swish, shh, skirt rustles
Breathe… in
Primal instincts
Uterus pulls…
Tuck her in
Exhale … her.  Out
Memorise her
Nourish her
Don’t let go
She gathers her in the folds of her dress
Every last drop of her brushed and nourished
She squishes her mouth to her cheek, a gift
Of beautiful pens in every shade
So together they can colour
In dark corners and shadows
Inside and outside the lines.

She knows,
Love has no lines.

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11 thoughts on “Rachel the Traveler of Minds- Featured Writer 12019/04/11

  1. Whenever someone does a passion or a job, they have to remind themselves of the why. I write to please myself, and my one reader. I also write to help people find themselves, possibly, throughout the lines. Or even give them the confidence they need to express themselves openly. I guess I write to support, entertain and make one’s mindset change to the better while shoving them to the lens they haven’t seen the situation from.

    Why do you write?

  2. This post has inspired me to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Well, the cat in the home page also won me over. She/he is cute!

    1. Versatile blogger award? What’s that?

      Also thank you! I mean- I definitely don’t deserve any awards but the fact that you would do such a thing is absolutely astonishing!

      That’s Ginkgo, she’s my writing buddy.

      Thank you and keep writing, my friend!

      1. It’s basically an ward to recognize blogs with awesome writing and beautiful picture or photographs. There are only there rules:
        1-Thank whoever nominated you and refer to their blog
        2-State 7 facts about yourself
        3-Nominate some blogs you like
        If you’d like an example, you can visit my blog or search it up really. Glad I could help since I was in the same situation 😂
        And tell Ginko she’s cute and deserves tuna.

      1. I already told her. She writes beautifully and yours is also a marvelous review. It offers deep insights into her poetry and makes the reader want to read more of her poems. The combination of these two I think are the basic aims of any review. I have also reviewed a few things (though I am not a professional reviewer). Here is perhaps my best one (at least, everyone has told me it is very good): https://momentsbloc.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/on-mario-savionis-lit-work.pdf

      2. Oh thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to take a look at it!

        Thanks as well for speaking so candidly about the feature, I really love doing these and I wish I had more submissions, but I feel my marketing for them isn’t good enough. Hopefully I can make more such things in the future!

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