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I saw one take the shape of my dreams
A spectral projection of my desires, beckoning me to see.

Cloudy Charades

I looked at the clouds today
And in their game of charades in the sky
I saw one take the shape of my dreams
A spectral projection of my desires, beckoning me to see.

This cloud of desires
It reached out and enveloped me,
With a kiss of mist so dense in feeling,
It turned into teardrops of broken dreams
That tumbled from my eyes like a waterfall,
And cleansed my face until I was as fresh as a forest stream
The path ahead clear and certain.

After the storm, this cloud,
A stutter of popcorn wishes and wisps of grey
Formed shapes I recognised, a tiny bird, a beautiful mountain, a friendly face.
It painted me with iridescence so bright I could see my reflection
And played me a beautiful symphony that smelled like rain.
I trembled with anticipation like the dew of a new day.
And I could not help but smile.

This cloud of wishes
It was a gift to see it.

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6 thoughts on “Rachel the Traveler of Minds- Featured Writer 12019/04/11

  1. Whenever someone does a passion or a job, they have to remind themselves of the why. I write to please myself, and my one reader. I also write to help people find themselves, possibly, throughout the lines. Or even give them the confidence they need to express themselves openly. I guess I write to support, entertain and make one’s mindset change to the better while shoving them to the lens they haven’t seen the situation from.

    Why do you write?

  2. This post has inspired me to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Well, the cat in the home page also won me over. She/he is cute!

    1. Versatile blogger award? What’s that?

      Also thank you! I mean- I definitely don’t deserve any awards but the fact that you would do such a thing is absolutely astonishing!

      That’s Ginkgo, she’s my writing buddy.

      Thank you and keep writing, my friend!

      1. It’s basically an ward to recognize blogs with awesome writing and beautiful picture or photographs. There are only there rules:
        1-Thank whoever nominated you and refer to their blog
        2-State 7 facts about yourself
        3-Nominate some blogs you like
        If you’d like an example, you can visit my blog or search it up really. Glad I could help since I was in the same situation 😂
        And tell Ginko she’s cute and deserves tuna.

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