When you think about why you do what you do, what comes to mind? If you’re an architect- do you do it for the money, or do you do it to build homes? If you’re a writer you probably ask yourself the question “why do I write?” often. There are many answers and they differ for each of us- money is just as good a response as social recognition. But the writers that have true potential, I have found, most often write for themselves.

In the far reaches of the writing community lies a beacon of such writers- each one looking to improve and to grow on their own, regardless of what others think or what value others place on certain collections of words. While I can’t count myself among this select group (Papa Bear has gotta eat dinner sometimes) I can pick out those who are in a heartbeat. The feature I have for you today is such a writer.

“I don’t write for the sake of anything other than enjoying it”

Rachel sails the sea of words to create poetry that cradles the very heart of her empathy. She focuses on creating something that makes her proud to have done. There is a passion to her poems that echos in the minds of their readers- a love of connecting that builds a relationship between her and them.

Rachel joined the writing community after an unexpected illness kept her from her normal creative outlet: music. While she poured herself into her poetry from the start you can feel the changes she experiences through time- from the nostalgia for piano keys to the love of what she can do with a keyboard. What she writes matters to her, and gives us a valuable insight not only in what it means to be human, but in what it is to be her.

When reading In Mind and Out, the reader feels that she is there trying to care for them and herself. She bathes her work in reflections of her own life, showers it with her emotions, and breathes life into it.

Rachel truly writes for herself; her poems read as a collection of meditations and cathartic streams of consciousness. Her themes deal with many aspects of her life and its changes. Despite this, or maybe because of it, reading her work leaves the reader thinking wow, this person is so empathetic– she really knows how these things feel!

I hope you will see her work as I do. Take a look for yourself in the next page.

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11 thoughts on “Rachel the Traveler of Minds- Featured Writer 12019/04/11

  1. Whenever someone does a passion or a job, they have to remind themselves of the why. I write to please myself, and my one reader. I also write to help people find themselves, possibly, throughout the lines. Or even give them the confidence they need to express themselves openly. I guess I write to support, entertain and make one’s mindset change to the better while shoving them to the lens they haven’t seen the situation from.

    Why do you write?

  2. This post has inspired me to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Well, the cat in the home page also won me over. She/he is cute!

    1. Versatile blogger award? What’s that?

      Also thank you! I mean- I definitely don’t deserve any awards but the fact that you would do such a thing is absolutely astonishing!

      That’s Ginkgo, she’s my writing buddy.

      Thank you and keep writing, my friend!

      1. It’s basically an ward to recognize blogs with awesome writing and beautiful picture or photographs. There are only there rules:
        1-Thank whoever nominated you and refer to their blog
        2-State 7 facts about yourself
        3-Nominate some blogs you like
        If you’d like an example, you can visit my blog or search it up really. Glad I could help since I was in the same situation 😂
        And tell Ginko she’s cute and deserves tuna.

      1. I already told her. She writes beautifully and yours is also a marvelous review. It offers deep insights into her poetry and makes the reader want to read more of her poems. The combination of these two I think are the basic aims of any review. I have also reviewed a few things (though I am not a professional reviewer). Here is perhaps my best one (at least, everyone has told me it is very good): https://momentsbloc.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/on-mario-savionis-lit-work.pdf

      2. Oh thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to take a look at it!

        Thanks as well for speaking so candidly about the feature, I really love doing these and I wish I had more submissions, but I feel my marketing for them isn’t good enough. Hopefully I can make more such things in the future!

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